Frequently Asked Questions

At the top right hand side, click on Add Listing and a form will be presented to fill in item information. 

You will need to first create an account if you do not already have one.  

Log into your account. Go to dashboard, listings. Select the ad you want to make changes and edit.

Ads that are in violation with our privacy policy will be rejected.

Log into your account. Go to dashboard settings. Scroll to the bottom.  Displayed in red color is ‘Delete account’

We have 2 types of accounts: private seller and business seller account.

If you are a dealer we advice you create business account in order to set up your shop.

If you are not a dealer but a solo or one time seller we advice you create a private account.

You can always change from private account to business account and vice-versa.

Yes. You can always change account type from private to business or vice versa.

Go to dashboard, settings and under account, select from the drop down menu business seller or private seller.

Scroll down and save changes.

Yes. All ads go through a verification process after publishing by users. This takes less than an hour to complete during work hours. 

60 days unless you decide to delete it before the said date.

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